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Welcome to OsteoStrong Oakville East! We would like to invite you to experience, first-hand, the Ultimate Bio-Hack®!


OsteoStrong focuses on enhancing your skeletal system. At OsteoStrong Oakville East, improve your bone density, muscular strength, balance, and overall health with our tailored programs.

Harleen Laroia sitting and smiling in a black sweater.

Harleen Laroia

Harleen Laroia, CEO and founder of a child care and Montessori brand, transitioned from telecommunications to health and wellness inspired by her daughter’s birth. Driven to empower others, she opened an OsteoStrong facility to promote bone health and overall well-being. Her center aims to help individuals of all ages and fitness levels build strength and resilience, enabling them to lead active, vibrant lives. Harleen’s leadership reflects a passion for positive change and holistic fitness, emphasizing the importance of bone health in maintaining an active lifestyle.

Harleen Laroia sitting and smiling in a black sweater.
Tomasz Burkot smiling and wearing a black sweater and OsteoStrong cap.

Tomasz Burkot

Tomasz Burkot, formerly in the lumber industry, transformed into a fitness expert after a hip replacement at 35. Overcoming his setback with determination, Tomasz immersed himself in fitness, becoming a compassionate coach with a decade of experience. He customizes training regimens to meet individual needs, guiding clients to achieve their goals. Now, as a leader at OsteoStrong Oakville East, Tomasz combines his fitness expertise and rehabilitation knowledge to help clients enhance their strength and overall well-being.


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