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Maximize Bone Strength and Overall Wellness with Our Range of Tennant Health Supplements, Specially Formulated to Enhance Nutritional Support and Vitality

Dr. Jerry Tennant

Genius, scholar, inventor, humanitarian, innovator, healer, teacher, entrepreneur,
historian — these are just a few of the terms that describe Dr. Jerry Tennant whose remarkable life, dedicated to healing and innovation, has changed the paradigm of western medicine

Dr. Jerry Tennant


Discover the Power of Nutrient-Rich Supplements

At Osteostrong, we believe the body is a systemic garden. For your body’s garden to flourish, there must be a daily practice which combines not just activity, but quality nutrients as well. What we consume on an everyday basis greatly impacts our bodies’ ability to recover and rejuvenate. In a typical Western diet, it is virtually impossible to get all of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive as you age. Dr. Tennant’s products are expertly formulated to provide our bodies with sustenance and allow our systems, our gardens, to thrive. Every single area of our body- from the gut microbiome to the brain to bone density- works in conjunction and therefore must be cared for equally. Through Dr. Tennant’s supplemental formulas, millions of people have healed themselves from the inside out. We care for your health- which is why Osteostrong is proud to provide Tennant Products.

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Discover detailed benefits and access direct information to enhance your health regimen with our comprehensive Tennant product lineup


Fungal Detox by Tennant Products

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox is a full-spectrum, professional-grade formula that helps the body regulate normal fungus and yeast balance and supports optimal gut health and detox at the cellular level. Fungus is an integral part of the body’s digestive system and also plays a critical role in detoxification.

Dr. Tennant’s® Fungal Detox helps the body balance the mycobiome, by cleansing and detoxing naturally and gently. It also:

  • Helps the body manage Candida
  • Supports normal fungus and yeast balance in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract
  • Supports gut health for proper digestion
  • Promotes regulating mood, hormone levels and cravings
  • Helps cleanse and detox naturally and gently


Digestive Enzyme Formula by Tennant Products

Helps with several digestive issues such as Gerd, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, and improperly digested foods. 27 digestive enzymes to target difficult to eat foods such as gluten, dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, sugars, beans and broccoli.

The Benefits of Dr. Tennant’s® Digestive Enzyme Formula include:

  • Less embarrassing gas and indigestion
  • Less bloating & constipation
  • Less sensitivity to dairy & grains
  • Fewer odorous bowel movements and firmer stool
  • More regular bowel habits
  • Better overall digestion with less discomfort
  • Optimization of nutrition


Brain Food+ by Tennant Products

Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food+ (PLUS) combines Dr. Tennant’s® Original Brain Food with diatomaceous Earth and humic & fulvic acids for absorption and optimization. Dr. Tennant’s® Brain Food+ provides your brain the nutrients it needs for cognitive focus, mental acuity and memory function, and helps eliminate brain fog naturally with:

  • Ketones – for immediate mental energy
  • MCTS – medium chain triglycerides (mcts) or fatty acids for longer lasting brain fuel
  • Diatomaceous Earth and Humic & Fulvic – for absorption to help optimize brain function no caffeine or stimulants, just natural pure nutrients for your brain


Probiotic Formula by Tennant Products

Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula is designed with acid-resistant, time-release capsule technology with Capsugel® DRcapstm, which ensures probiotics are protected from stomach acid and arrive uncompromised in the GI Tract.

Prebiotics – highly-effective, clinically-proven prebiotics to help further ensure probiotic viability. 30 billion probiotic CFUS (colony forming units) in each capsule of well-known probiotic strains.

Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula provides a biological synergy with “good bacteria” (probiotics), “food for the probiotics” (prebiotics) and a protective, delayed-release delivery technology to maximize probiotic effectiveness and support a healthier gi system.

Dr. Tennant’s® Probiotic Formula’s time-release, acid-resistant capsule technology protects the probiotics from early exposure to oxygen, moisture or stomach acid. This allows each capsule’s delivery system to target the gastrointestinal tract and deliver the highest quality ingredients directly where they need to be without compromise.



Raw Materials Liquid by Tennant Products

Dr. Tennant’s® Raw Materials® Liquid with humic and fulvic acids, provides the micro and trace nutrients required for optimal health at the cellular level. These nutrients help replace the microorganisms often lost in the food eaten today. 

  • Transports vitamins, minerals, amino acids & phytonutrients
  • Binds with heavy metals & toxins to safely eliminate from the body
  • Promotes energy at the cellular level
  • Nature’s most powerful electrolyte
  • Super-antioxidant

Humic and fulvic acids are super-antioxidants that aggressively neutralize free radicals and bind heavy metals and other toxins to safely eliminate from the body system.  

Dr. Tennant’s® Raw Materials also has Phytoplankton.  Phytoplankton and humic/fulvic acids form a powerful partnership, with each component contributing unique benefits that complement the other. By combining the nutritional richness of phytoplankton with the absorption-enhancing and detoxifying properties of humic and fulvic acids, this dynamic synergy supports overall health, cellular function, energy levels, and brain health, making them a valuable addition to any health regimen.


Adrenaline Support Formula by Tennant Products

Dr. Tennant’s® Adrenaline Support Formula is a proprietary formula which includes Tyrosine, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6, along with other vital ingredients to support the body’s natural balance of adrenaline production each day!

  • A proprietary formula designed to support the body’s natural balance of daily adrenaline production needs
  • Supporting adrenaline production for overall energy in the body
  • Promoting stress management and sleep regulation
  • Help with thyroid and immune functions


Restore Comprehensive Formula by Tennant Products

Dr. Tennant’s® Restore is a comprehensive nutritional powder for the entire family (5 years and up).     

An all-natural, biologically active formula with over 80 ingredients to make your daily nutrition simple and save you time and money. No need to have a cabinet full of bottles and take dozens of pills. 

Restore contains superior quality ingredients in the most bioavailable form to rebuild your body at the cellular level, simplifying the solution for optimal health in just one packet per day.

Mix with non-chlorinated water, your favorite liquid such as almond, coconut, skim milk, or in your favorite smoothie for a delicious source of comprehensive daily nutrition.

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